About Us

We are Bits

Our Story

In 2021, EdoBits ICT Academy was founded with fifty students as pioneers. Owning to the level of success, EdoBits has trained over 100 students and is still training more. The Bits Academy Program is a one year hands-on training in the field of ICT and multimedia, where skills in web development, web and graphic design are imparted on the youth. The skills make talented young people capable designers and developers in the vibrant ICT industry in the region of the Bits school.

Entrepreneurship training supports them to become freelancers and entrepreneurs in their own right. Additionally, the training is blended with life skills which help the youth deal with the most immediate challenges they face in their lives.

Student selection

We select students on the basis of commitment and motivation and offer them demand aligned training in creative technologies, entrepreneurship and life skills, leading youth to income generating opportunities. Our local partners are vital for the implementation of the project. They provide a solid governance structure with management, advisory boards, selection of capable trainers in the ICT field, selection of the youth.

Our Sustainability

Paid Trainings

We are exploring and implementing paid trainings, that way we keep the Bits school running from funds generated from these paid trainings.


We also render consultation services to private schools and other institutions who are interested in ICT and Digital Trainings/Skills.


We are looking forward to also engaging agencies like ITF and NDE to see how to implement ICT training projects on their behalf. This will help bring in funds and keep the school running.


We also source for and accept contracts on on-going/new projects from agencies and institutions. With this, EdoBits is able to generate funds for itself and its Alumnis as well